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At Healing Goddess Wellness Sanctuary you can expect an individualized approach to your health and wellness! Sarah specializes in plus size, self love, body image and confidence coaching. The minute you walk into a session Sarah is using a trauma informed approach and coaching to help you start to feel you best while being comfortable and in a safe environment. Sarah uses 7 different healing modalities to help you see results in your life on a subconscious level, the area of the brain that makes up 99% of your decision making, thus leading to lasting results and real change. Sarah also offers wellness consults that focus on you as an individual, paying focus to lifestyle, herbs, and aromatherapy to help prevent disease and leading you to live healthier and happier. Don't see a service you might need, feel free to reach out and see how I can help! 



Fired up sessions allow you to truly process emotions by these 5 steps: feel, integrate, reprogram, embody, surrender and bring safety into your emotions. This type of session allows you to fully process your feelings and emotions in a safe way and effectively. In these session we start with 15 mins of coaching then move on to processing.

60 mins



In these wellness sessions we go over your health concerns and ailments and come up with a recommendation plan full of lifestyle, exercise or mediations, diet(including spices), herbal supplements, and oils that will help you start to feel your best while helping your body and mind function properly. These consults are always individualized with each client in mind making sure anything recommended is something they are able and willing to do. Comes with email support, recommendations packet, & 30 min follow up.

1.5 hrs



Shift your subconscious beliefs in this deep form of relaxation/meditation that allows your conscious and subconscious mind to switch places for a bit so your consciousness rests and your subconscious listens and absorbs. When done on a regular basis, your reality will change drastically. Talking to the subconscious mind will allow for massive shifts and is key to manifesting a new reality.

60 mins.


Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT

These sessions helps you move through emotions you’re feeling and shifts them through your subconscious. Sarah walks you through this, first with a 15 min coaching session then the actual tapping on the meridian points in your body related to acupressure. This helps your nervous system relax and metabolize what you are going through.

60 min.


SelF Love / Life Coaching Session

These sessions are problem focused with a trauma informed lens. Sessions are based on what the client is processing or needing help with so it can include addressing fears, resistance through shadow work, inner child work, emotional release work, timeline jumping, all while working with the subconscious mind so you can process, release, and see transformation. If you are unsure where to start this is the session to book!

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