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Learn about the most ancient holistic healing systems and how to use it in your daily life!

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What is Ayurveda?

And why should I care?

Healthy Baby Healthy Momma Program

Ayurveda Tips and Tricks for fertility and pregnancy

Ayurveda Recipes For Feminine
Rage + Release

You can uses these recipes any time, or keep them special for your own release and rage night!

Ayurveda Spices

Ayurveda Spices to use for healing, what they do and
how to use them!

Vata Spice Mix

Excess Vata? Insomnia, pain, bloating constipation, stiffness, anxiety? try this recipe!

Digestion Tea Recipe

Digestion issues? THIS is the recipe for you!

Kapha Balancing Spice Mix

Balance your Kapha and reduce inflammation
with this spice mix!

Emotional Freedom
Techniques Guide

New to EFT? This beginners guide is perfect for you!

Curing Morning Sickness
With Ayurveda

Care for Morning Sickness with these Ayurveda Staples!

Journal Prompts for Self Discovery

Light some candles, get comfy, and sit down with yourself!

Defining Me Journal Prompts

Self love and confidence prompts for the woman who
wants to love her self more!

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